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Seattle Aurora

Northern Lights pictured over Seattle this summer

May this summer saw a rare sighting of the Aurora over Seattle where the night was treated to a northern lights display which appeared over the city and parts of Washington state.

Images were captured by Photographer Tim Durkan, in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The aurora was the result of a coronal mass ejection or CME, which sent charged particles towards earth affecting the planets magnetic field. said “the CME seemed to have only a weak effect at first, but then the storm swept through a crack in the field and sparked surprisingly vivid displays as far south as Arizona.”

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News Northern Lights from space ESA/NASA Photography

Northern Lights from Space

Northern Lights from Space! Astronaut Captures Aurora Over Europe

Photo Credit: ESA/NASA

The spectacular blue and green lights of the Northern Lights were captured dance above the city lights of Northern Europe in a stunning new image taken by an astronaut in space.

The new image of the Northern Lights was taken by Astronaut Thomas Pesquet, with the European Space Agency, in between mission tasks and scientific experiments aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

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