Everything you need to know about the Northern Lights

Experiencing the Northern Lights can be life changing. The science is as fascinating, as the experience of seeing them is spiritual. Many travel on a northern lights holiday, only to return Aurora hunters - planning their next trip to search for bigger and brighter displays of the mystical Northern Lights.

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What are the Northern Lights?

The Aurora borealis (or the Northern Lights) is caused by the collision of energetically charged particles, from solar winds that flow past Earth, with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere. The effect is a spectacular light display across the night sky that can range in colour, but is more commonly seen as green.

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What are the Northern Lights?

Tips to see the Northern Lights

To give yourself the best chance to see the Northern Lights you need to travel to a northern latitude above the Arctic circle. Northern Sweden, Norway or Finland; Iceland or Canada are ideal. Take a look below at our travel tips to give yourself the best possible chance of experiencing the Northern Lights.

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Myths around the Northern Lights

From the Sami culture who believe that the Northern Lights were souls of the departed, to the Chinese who believed it to be the fiery breath of dragons fighting in the sky - every northern culture has its own stories and myths to explain the Aurora dancing in the sky.

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Myths around the Northern Lights

Aurora photography tips

Aurora photography is a true skill. Capturing the Northern Lights can produce some of the most exciting images, and with a few simple hints and tips to properly set up your camera, anyone travelling north to hunt the Northern Lights can create spectacular images. Chad Blakley, a world class photographer from Lights over Lapland has shared his top tips with us – take a look.

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Meet the locals

Here's your chance to meet some those who live and work in Arctic regions under the Northern lights to better understand how life, food, travel and the Northern Lights shape life in the Arctic. This is also your chance to understand the relationship those who live in the region have with the Aurora Borealis and even hear some of the stories their parents told them as kids about the Northern Lights.

Best countries to see the Northern Lights

People who have seen the Northern Lights

  • “Seeing the Northern Lights blew my mind. It was a dream come true and was even more than I’d ever dreamed. I cant wait to get back Aurora hunting.”

    chrissie northern lights
    Chrissie Hayward, UK

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